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I bought the bungalow without finding out how old the boiler was. A gas safety check had been completed but no other paperwork was available. Although I could look up the boiler operating instructions up on the internet, something just didn't make sense. Basically I was trying to reduce the temperature of the hot water as it was scolding hot. I was following various instructions to the letter but it wasn't doing what it said it would. I joined the British Gas plan which services your boiler and does any repairs etc for a knock down price of £15 a month for a year. A repair man was booked and arrived a couple of days later.  I went through a list of questions with him.  First of all he said the boiler had been fitted by British Gas 5 years earlier. He then went on the explain about  closed and open boiler systems.  I have a boiler and hot water cylinder, so my hot water temperature is controlled on the tank. Apparently my boiler can also be used as a combi boiler where the hot w

HELP needed

 Hello and welcome back. I have a bit of a conundrum.  I have a chest freezer  approx 190litre which is meaningless really. Size wise it measures 30" x 20.5" so bigger than a single freezer but not as big as the double. I've been so tempted to get rid of it and buy an upright with drawers but everyone I've spoken to has said no they don't hold as much. But my main bugbear with a chest freezer is everything eventually ends up at the bottom. Labels fall off prepped food and we end up with 'Lucky DipS Dinners'. So  my question is: HOW DO YOU ORGANISE A CHEST FREEZER SO THAT YOU CAN SEE THINGS EASILY AND CLEARLY?  Do you use baskets like these below? I was wondering whether to have baskets with lids that I can write on and they'd be able to stack better.  I really want to freeze any fresh produce I grow that I am unable to eat. I'm used to pickling beetroot and bottling tomato sauces. But as its just me lots of things will have to be frozen or prepped

Windows & Doors

 Although the bungalow had double glazing, I didn't like it.  There were no certificates handed over when I bought it and the vendors daughter couldn't even hazard a guess as to how old the windows actually were. The plastic  grid like construction forming the Georgian look was off colour and just horrible. I think it may have been OK had the original windows had some uniformity to them, but vertually every window had a different design. Just looking at them sent my OCD to new heights! haha. Once again I called on a company I used before to come and give me a price. They are only small but everything is guaranteed and registered with FENSA. The windows took 5 weeks to be made and were literally fitted the Friday before Christmas on the Sunday. The door didn't arrive until after Christmas.  The removal of the old windows caused  damage to the bricks either side of the sill, so the fitter had to return with matching bricks after Christmas to repair the damage.  Plus the new f

Moving In

 Moving from a spacious 3 bedroomed bungalow to a much smaller 2 bedroomed bungalow meant having to put quite a bit of furniture into storage. I knew  my little home needed work and I didn't want to have to play the sliding puzzle game, continually moving furniture around rooms and it getting in the way.  I moved on a Tuesday and had my plasterer booked for Thursday to skim both the bedroom ceilings. The bedroom walls weren't too bad just a few knocks and dents here and there, which I filled and rubbed down. Mind you every time I went back into the room I'd see another and wondered if I should have had it plastered. Anyway,  out would come the filler again and again! Once the plaster was dry a mist coat was applied followed by two top coats to the celling and coving. I painted the walls in a pale grey.  My bedroom has fitted wardrobes and although  they had an ugly stick on trim and looked a bit worn, I couldn't afford to get rid of them. Furthermore they are capable of