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Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Tania and although I'm not new to blogging, I haven't written anything in a long while.  My life will be changing considerably over the next few weeks, so I thought I'd take you along on my journey, as I start life alone at 67 after 45 years of marriage. There is no animosity and we get on well together but  once the heating and other remedial works have been completed on my husbands new home, he will be moving out. 

Fifteen months ago I bought my property, a two bedroomed detached bungalow,  knowing where my future was heading. It needed quite a bit of work which we did the vast majority of ourselves and the rest I called in the professionals.  I wanted something that was economical to run, something I could future proof and be comfortable in as I get older.  Although,  it's  not quite finished cosmetically, once my husband takes the furniture and other personal belongings, which are being stored here, I can get on with the remaining jobs.

I previously blogged under FRUGAL IN ESSEX, so I will be calling upon many of the tips and skills I learnt, to give me a decent lifestyle as I grow older on a single income.  With ever increasing prices, shrinkflation, service cuts you need to be pretty savvy to be able to get through the year and still able to enjoy a few treats  here and there. 

The blog will be a mixture of everyday life, gardening, DIY, frugality, shopping, cooking, baking, keeping fit, saving money and general 60's lifestyle. Some people find themselves alone through choice, others have it forced upon them. I'm hoping my ramblings may help others as we adjust to life alone. There will be lots of photos of what I'm getting up to as well as videos if I can work out how to upload them. Thanks for joining me. 

T x


  1. Hi Tania, I finally found you through one of my old comments. I didn't have the address of your new blog. I will have to catch up on your posts!

    1. Lovely to hear from you. I hope you are well. I hope to post once or twice a week.


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