The Garden

 My bungalow sits on quite a large corner plot. I knew I had to deal with the garden ASAP it was definitely too large for me to cope with as I get older. Plus I didn't want to be a slave to it. The satellite photo has been taken from the internet and the quality isn't good.  

I had 6 Landscape companies around to price up, I'd already prepared a detailed drawing and list of requirements regarding materials. The quotes to remove existing concrete paths, put a patio in the rear garden, level and landscape the  front and side gardens, as well as add another smaller driveway were incredible. They varied from £32K to £10K. I went with a local company who gave me a very detailed quote, so there would be no ambiguity regarding my specifications.

Work started late April 2023, thank heavens we'd had a fairly dry winter which kept the mud from the huge piles of earth to a minimum. It took almost a week to level all the areas and lay the sub-base. I was shocked how much earth came out of the area. 

The rear patio in cobble pavers is kite shaped to mimic the shape overall of the garden. Its just right for my table and chairs. There will be more changes in the garden this year. 

The old concrete pathways were replaced with block paving to match the existing block paved drive. Decorative circles were added and planted up with fruit trees and summer bedding plants. In October I added Heuchera in lots of different colours, that have filled out lovely over the winter. I'll simply change up the planting according to seasons. 

I added an additional driveway because there was already a dropped curb that end of the front garden. Plus parking is such an important selling point these days and can add value. . I'm not thinking of moving anytime soon but there may come a time when I have to move to a flat in sheltered accommodation  or I run out of money and need to down size. My car sits nicely on the smaller drive and when guests are due I text them to park on the larger drive in front of the garage.

Despite the expense, I'm so glad I got t he work done.  It takes me a few minutes every week to keep it spick and span. And the 10 months I came out of retirement to help with staff shortages within the Home Office helped fund it. I knew it was a years contract which worked out just right. That said, I shan't be coming out of retirement ever again.  My working life is well and truly over. Bye for now. Tx 


  1. Having a low maintenance garden is a brilliant idea. I can get ours looking lovely with only a few minutes tidying in Winter and half an hour in Summer. Anything else I do it's because I want to do it not because I have to. I'm looking forward to following your progress in our new home. xx

    1. I'm trying to future proof it as much as possible. Plus I don't want to spent endless hours doing the garden. While I'm fit and well I want to get out and about and enjoy life as much as possible. Thank you for your comment. X

  2. I have lots more to do in the rear garden this spring, summer and autumn. I'd love a greenhouse but suspect that wont happen till much later this year. I so have a plastic one that I'll be using for toms and peppers. Growing is going to be a priority this year. Thank you so much for leaving a comment.

  3. So glad to find you again Tanya. I enjoyed and missed reading your old blog. Looks like everything will be quite maintenance free by the time you've finished. Looking forward to your next post.

    1. Hi Janice, I really want to continue blogging even if the first posts are a bit haphazard. I'm juggling lots of stuff at the moment but things will settle down in the future.....I'm sure. Lovely to hear from you, I will be referring to my frugal ways a great deal during this journey.


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